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The Business Network Young Professionals

Manchester’s Young Professionals To Be The First In The Country To Benefit From A New Personal Development Programme

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September 28th 2016 at The Lowry Hotel saw the launch of the latest initiative from the long-established Networking organisation The Business Network; a Personal Development Programme for 18-28-year-old young professionals.

Predominantly focusing on the ‘softer skills’, and with the seminar topics being delivered by industry experts, the programme will be made up of 6 bi-monthly events, each consisting of a morning seminar, an informal Networking Lunch and an afternoon seminar. Topics to be covered include Leadership Skills, Speaking and Presentation Skills, Communication and Networking Skills, Resilience, Time Management and Personality Profiling.

Helen Bennett, owner of The Business Network, said “Being the mother of four children in their twenties I fully appreciate the value of investing in young people to help prepare a more rounded and confident individual, equipped to succeed in a competitive business world”. She goes on to say, “And I am so pleased that we are in the fortunate position at The Business Network of having long-standing relationships with some very talented Members within our groups across the country, and in fact abroad; skilled trainers who we can work with to deliver this exciting new initiative”.

The first event, taking place at The Lowry Hotel, will include a Leadership seminar by keynote speaker and author Ben Morton from TwentyOne Leadership and a Networking Skills seminar by Founder of Strategic Communication Ltd, author Simone Andersen.

Julie Graham, Managing Director of Distinction Consulting and Member in the Manchester group said, “As my company has benefited significantly from being involved in the group, I similarly expect the Young Professionals’ Network to bring huge value to young people, developing those so often forgotten communication skills, and building confidence to help them to become future business leaders.”

The events will also be hosted by, director of BNYP, Mattie Lopeman. Mattie said, “Being well within the targeted age range of 18-28 I can fully appreciate the value of what we are offering, and it is important not to ignore the peer networking opportunities that also arise from having the opportunity to regularly mix with a varied group of fellow young professionals – it is a great chance to establish and develop an important ‘support network’; invaluable as a career progresses”.

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Mattie Lopeman - Photographed at The Lowry Hotel

Adrienne Nankivell from Virgin Trains; a member in both London and Manchester said, “The idea of focusing on developing the ‘soft skills’ in the young professionals, something that is critical for business success, is innovative and it should certainly help give them an ‘edge’ in the employment market”.

Helen Brown, Partner at Slater Heelis LLP, commented “I have been a member of The Business Network in Manchester for over 10 years. By virtue of the fact that the Business Network members are senior decision makers, they tend to be in a certain age bracket. I was therefore intrigued to learn that Helen Bennett had decided to launch a Young Professionals Development Programme. This will be an ideal opportunity for future decision makers to learn key skills in a supportive, inspiring and professional environment. Based on my experience of the integrity and quality of the Business Network, this is an opportunity not to be missed for the young business community of Manchester”.

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Come and join us at


Thursday 13th December

The Lowry Hotel 12 Noon - 2.00 pm

What members and guests say

"Thank you to everyone who attended the Seminar. It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone and I'm pleased that you found it helpful. If you need any advice or pointers please get in contact and I will try and help you as much as I can. Helen, thank you very much for your help and support and I still maintain that the Business Network is the premium Networking proposition in the market. Your events are streets ahead of other groups I have attended. Thank you for making them so interesting!""

Fareeda Jaleel
FRJ Business and Marketing Solutions

"Hi Helen, I just wanted to say that my first meeting as a member of The Business Network Manchester was superb. I?ve already made a couple of excellent new contacts, with follow up meetings being arranged. Many thanks,Andy Following on from my email earlier this year I just wanted to let you know that I have just received confirmation today of a new 3-month pilot campaign with a new customer which is directly as a result of me being part of The Business Network. This is a significant piece of work for Mustard Seed and further cements my confidence in the group moving forward. "

Andy Pearson
Mustard Seed Telemarketing